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Singel Room, all inclusive*:

              165.000,- iskr               

Double Room, all inclusive* pro pers,:

             135.000,- iskr         

Price with sleepingbag accomodation (please note in "Other"),

               all else inclusive*:

              100.000,- iskr

Price without accommodation  (please note in "Other"),

              all else inclusive* :

              80.000,- iskr



Bank- , transfer information:

Felag ahugamanna um mannspekilaekningar


203 Kopavogur


IBAN: IS62 0515 14 410399 490315 1790



Kirkjusandi 2

105 Reykjavik


Explanation: Family name



The Guests will be picked up at BSI (Busstation Reykjavík) at 9 o´clock on July 8th 2017. The bus will drive direction west of Iceland to Núpur in Dýrafjörður, with several longer stops on the way. Arrival at Núpur is estimated at 20 o´clock in the evening. Shortly after the arrival there will be served dinner.


Departure is on Saturday July 15th 2017 at 9 o´clock. We will then drive back to the south with shorter stops on the way. Estimated arrival is 18 o´clock.


Please note that the costs for the travel to and fro the Westfjords is included in the all inclusive price. If you will travel individually, these costs will not be compensated.





*All inclusive (without flightcosts): 5x individual therapy, 5x treatment, 4x2 artistic workshops, at least 1x consultancy with professionals, 2x lectures, 6x breakfast, 5x lunch, 6x dinner and a short trip on wednesdayafternoon.

*Please note that your registration is only valid after the payment of the deposit.

By cancellation after the 1st of May 2017, deposit will not be refunded.


TOBIASHÚS   Tel.: 00354-692-5756